Palacaguina Trip Report

For our update this month, I want to share with you our recent trip to Palacaguina. What an amazing, life-changing trip. We took 15 people from 4 states collectively traveling more than 18,000 miles to serve in Palacaguina, Nicaragua.


Angels and Angels

Thank you to those of you who live to bless and serve others in this way and specifically those who have blessed us in this way. We have had several “angels” this month and we are so grateful for those who love Jesus and show that love by ministering to and caring for the children and families touched each day by PCA.


Be Still

Be still my friends. Be still and see the glory of God all around you. Every day we get to see God doing so many wonderful miracles of life all around us.


Rejoice Always

We have so much to be thankful for and to rejoice over in the Lord. The school and ministry are strong, and we are getting to make a powerful impact every day. And though it is easy to rejoice when things are going well, I was reminded today how we need to always rejoice no matter what our situation.


Reflect and Rejoice

There were several deep valleys we had to walk through. Challenges
that were seemingly insurmountable. But through the grace of God, as we reflect on those challenges, we can


Another Great Year

It is amazing to think we are coming to the close of our 5 th year ministering to and educating the children of Palacaguina. Feels like we just began. Every year, it is incredible reflecting on all God continues to allow us to do each year.


Persistence, Prayer, and Provision

During our normal weekly meeting, we prayed. Reynaldo and I prayed for a critical need that could only be met through God. In order to open the school next year, we had an immediate need that had to met within only a few weeks. And how would we come up with $7,000 in 2 weeks!!


Hope in the Valleys

God is good and there is hope simply in His goodness. This last month has seemed filled with valleys; both personal and in ministry. Difficulties, challenges, and struggles, Oh My! Regardless of how you characterize these valleys we face, it is incredibly encouraging to know that no matter what we face God is always with us. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us, especially in the valley.


Blessed to be a Blessing

It is hard to believe we are already through 7 months of the school year. And with only 3 months left, what a wonderful school year it has been. We are extremely blessed to be serving and ministering to so many families and children at PCA.