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It is our dream to have a facility on site to provide food every day for our students and to help more in the community.  Currently we provide parents with food to cook in their home and bring back to the school.  This creates a hardship on parents and many difficulties for our food program.

In 2020, we began the design and construction of our on campus kitchen and cafeteria.  Building in phases as funds are available, we are moving forward with this dream.  With your help we can realize this dream together.  Our hope is to complete this project before the 2021 school year next February.

We have 10 phases to complete the project.  Each phase is roughly $3000 to $5000.  Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation today to help ensure we are able to provide food every day to our students and open the doors for us to do even more in our community?  Thank you.


Phase I: Ground work and the front wall

Need: $2,290

Raised: $2,290

Description: Phase I of our Kitchen/Cafeteria is to modify/build the front wall.  This is a critical first step of the project in order to prepare for the overall construction and modify the existing front wall of the school.  In addition to being a critical step, it is the initial phase giving us hope to complete a very big project.

Phase II: Foundations and walls

Need: $3,600

Raised: $3,600

Description: Phase II is the next major step in preparing for the overall construction and to begin seeing the shape of the project.  We need to prepare the area and build the foundations for the building.  In addition, we will be able to begin building the walls of the kitchen and cafeteria.

Phase III: Finish walls and columns

Need: $3,500

Raised :$2,500

Description: This will be the final phase to complete the initial construction of the walls and support columns needed to build the roof of the kitchen/cafeteria.  The completion of this phase will have a major impact on our parents and students to see this level of progress and formation of the building.

Phase IV: Roof Preparation

Need: $6,000

Raised: $0.00

Description: This is a more expensive phase as it involves a lot of metal to construct the support for the roof of the kitchen/cafeteria.  This is a critically important phase as we need to ensure a strong roof for safety and the ability to add a second level to the building for a future project.

Phase V: Roof Installation

Need: $4,000

Raised: $0.00

Description:  This is a very exciting phase of the kitchen/cafeteria project.  Once we have a roof installed, we will be able to begin focusing on the inside portions of the project and will be able to see the full project in place.  We hope to complete the roof quickly so we can begin using the cafeteria for our students.  At this point, the building will actually be functional to meet one of our many needs.

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