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A Unique Opportunity

Palacaguina Christian Academy is a unique place of opportunities for those brothers called to the mission field. The areas of possible service are so varied that age, gender, or call are readily available at our school.
We believe that God has called us to preach the gospel using education as an avenue by which we can show God’s love in a practical, visual and audible way.
If you have a desire to serve the Lord in Palacaguina, Nicaragua, we invite you to fill out the form. In addition, we encourage you to see the pages of our missionaries, read their stories or get in touch with them. His experience will be a blessing and help in your decision to serve the Lord far from home.

Application Form

Our Missionaries

Brianna Stephens

BRIANNA is currently working as a missionary serving with a local church in the city of Palacaguina. Though starting as a PCA missionary in 2019, Brianna has found the opportunity to continue serving the Lord in Palacaguina with a local church she became involved in while working at PCA.  We are grateful for being able to continue to support Brianna as she follows the Lord in Palacaguina.

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Bailey Gillis

My name is Bailey Gillis and I’ve been a missionary at PCA since January of 2021. I spent my first year in preschool but I currently teach English to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. However, I’m active in all areas of PCA, as there are always needs.

In addition to my roles at PCA, I’m also active in my local church and gospel-based programs with children and young adults. Please consider supporting me, as my salary is 100% supporter based.

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